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Let Nature Whet Your Child’s Appetite for Life Science

Careers in the science fields are booming. Use your child’s intrinsic curiosity about the natural world as a stepping stone to the study of science. Take her outside and watch her interest blossom!

Yellow Ribbon Week – Good Intentions, Bad Idea for Schools

Don’t make the same mistake that thousands of school around the country are making. Find out the true meaning of Yellow Ribbon Week and why it’s such a bad idea.

On the Other Side of Drama: What’s Good About Teens?

I love being around teenagers. They have an energy and joy that’s contagious. When you can get past the drama, you can see their wonderful attributes and qualities, many of which we have lost as adults. Yes, teens can be emotionally reactive but they can also be emotionally alive. They laugh and play hard. When they are not stressed, they are carefree and living in the present. The simplest of things bring them joy. They know how to have fun and enjoy their life. They have crushes and fall deeply in love. They are excited about what they like to do.

Enlightening Children to Be More Physically Active

We live in a digital world where children have lost the urge to play outside and be active. Many children today would rather sit back and play NBA 2k15 on their video game console instead of going down to the nearest court and playing a game for real. Sports and an active lifestyle are integral part of growing up and can help shape us into the adults we become. For this reason, programs like Girls on the Run try to encourage children to go outside and be active.

How to Make Money As a Kid – Step 1 – Idea

This is the FIRST step of the 3-step method for kids to make money. You start with forming a right idea, then planning your idea, and take action of your idea. Step one would teach you on how to picking a right idea.

Schools Help Students Get Their Feet Off The Ground, But The Rest Is Up To The Students!

This article reminds us that while it is important to graduate from high school or even college, our learning shouldn’t stop there. Every really successful person out there is on a mission to learn a little bit more every day for the rest of their lives.

I Don’t Care Who Hears What I Say

If you don’t care who hears what you say then somebody else will. Your words will come back to haunt you when you least expect it. Freedom of speech is not the freedom to say what you want, but the wisdom to say what you ought. You can’t yell fire in Macy’s

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