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Important Facts on Eczema in Kids

Eczema among kids can be distressful and painful. To relieve your child from Eczema, get to know about important facts, symptoms and preventive measures. Check out the post on Eczema among kids now and take measures to heal your child.

4 Healthy Lunch Box Recipes For School Kids

It’s tiring to think about what to pack in your kid’s lunch box every single day. Here are healthy lunch box recipes for school kids that are both appetizing and filling!

5 Easy Back-To-School Preparation Tips For Parents

It’s that time of the year again – your little one’s about to go back to school! Here are simple back-to-school preparation tips for parents to make the school year more successful!

Effective Tactics For Reigning in an Unruly Child

How to handle teens resistance towards guide from parents, and the more subtle ways to get their cooperation in achieving a better result at raising them to become fulfilled youngsters and adults. Time tested approach to understanding the mindset of children and teenagers.

Youth Sports Becoming More… “Complex”

Apparently our kids’ sports are not only driving us crazy, they are also driving the economies of local communities all over the U.S. According to Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal, youth sports complexes are being developed at a rapid pace, with over $550 million invested in such projects just in the last three years. So get ready to hit the road, with even more tournament destinations at your disposal. And don’t complain. After all, you did sign your kid up for a travel team.

Top 8 Benefits Of Coloring Pages For Your Kids

Coloring pages involve a simple activity that offers lifelong benefits for your kids. As a matter of fact, this simple activity is good for the development of your kids. In fact, coloring sheets or books provide educational tools that help prepare preschoolers.

The Anxiety and Depression Epidemic and the Spending Disconnect

Just three states provide kids with at least one school counselor for every 250 students, as recommended. Just three others have at least one school psychologist for every 50 students. The result: As anxiety and depression rates rise among our young people, not much of a safety net is at the ready for them.

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