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Baby Milestones From Birth to 3 Months

A newborn baby undergoes a lot of development from birth. Constant monitoring and checking are required to ensure he or she gets the proper care to grow best as a child. The joy of every parent is to see his or her child grow strong and healthy every day. But what milestones can you expect in the first 3 months?

Baby Milestones From 4 to 7 Months

Research shows that the most important baby milestones are when they are between four to seven months old. This is because the developments that happen during this time play a vital role in many aspects of their lives; be it the things they love to play, or the social hangouts he or she chooses, or the kind of activities that happen during this stage. What baby milestones can you expect from 4 to 7 months?

Teenagers, Get a Handle on Your HW: Use These 3 Organizational Study Tools NOW!

Teenagers, are you having trouble keeping track of your HW assignments, textbooks, project due dates, calculator, and lunch money? We know that you have a lot on your minds. And since you can’t afford your own personal secretary, we have 3 excellent and easy tips to help you organize your school work and materials, and make your study time as fast and productive as possible.

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