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Bullying and Media Culture: How TV Teaches Children to Bully

Most Americans think of bullying as youth problem. In actuality, it’s more of a cultural problem. It seems that everywhere you turn, today’s youth can see the bully mentality on full display.

Christmas Charities Through Which You Can Help Needy Kids

Christmas is the festival of love, care and hope that we love to celebrate with our kids and loved ones. But do you know that there are millions of kids around the worlds who are not that well off to enjoy these little pleasures.

Keys to Helping a Bullied Child

The fact that almost all kids experience some type of bullying does not mean that such episodes are harmless. Some kids get far worse than others, and bullying can be just as damaging as any other type of child abuse. Parents and care givers need to know what to do to help a child that is being bullied.

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