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15 Cool Tips for Your Baby’s Sound Sleep

To be a mom for the first time is truly a bliss, but mommies! must tell you, it comes with loads of responsibilities which you have to accomplish at any cost. Happiness doesn’t come alone all the time, sometimes, it brings real hard time. Your new born takes all attention, most of the time goes around your baby, and this lead the mother to a most common dialect, “Ahh! I am not able to sleep, my baby keeps me wake up all the time.” Yet, amazingly, despite of many sleepless day and night; baby’s sleep is essential for a mom. And this nature of mommies is forcing me to share some tips for your baby’s sleep.

The Power of The Toys

Have you ever noticed the eye movement of an infant girl or a boy when dangling a Barbie or a toy soldier? There is a preference for sex-typical toys. This sex-stereotype affinity is found in animals too. This suggests that the man-toy relationship is a primitive trait carried forward to this day through the genes. Toys play a vital role in a child’s development.

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