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Why Do Kids Love Having Their Faces Painted?

When it comes to entertaining children, there is one thing that almost all kids – and plenty of adults – love and that is face painting! It doesn’t matter if it is small pretty design on one cheek or a full face design, when a face painter is present you can be sure that they will be kept busy. So what is it about face painting that children love so much?

Turn Terrible Negative Environments Into Powerful, Motivational Forces!

This teen leadership article is about how we tend to find ourselves rooting for the down and out Hollywood hero. Well, in addition to root for the down and out Hollywood hero, this article is challenging you to root for yourself and for you to become the hero!

How to Find a Nanny

When looking for a nanny it can be a long and stressful process when not knowing how to find a nanny. By following the concepts in this article it can be a helpful tool when the time comes to find a care-giver for your child.

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