WHAT TO DO ON A BORING DAY || Fun games and tricks you will want to try

Teen Paradigms

A paradigm is the way you see something. It is your point of view, your frame of reference or belief.

How Teens Should Handle a Bully

Bullying has negative, lifelong effects. About 20% of Canadian youths are bullied daily. Why do bullies bully and how should we react in a bullying situation.

Importance of Encouragement

The importance of giving young children encouragement at the right time. How can the right encouragement at the right time can affect a child.

5 Ways to Thrive With Your Son This Summer

Are you already in summer survival mode? These tips fit any budget and every schedule whether you’re a stay-at-home or working parent. Boys yearn for active, exciting adventures that have some risk and physical challenge thrown in. Remember to include some downtime, too, and you’ll be thriving in no time.

12 Tips to Get Him Reading Then Keep Him Reading

Strong reading and writing skills are essential to your child’s academic success. Some boys and girls are reading voraciously by kindergarten. There are many more who won’t read until much, much later. Whether he is reading – or isn’t reading yet – how do you get him interested and keep him there?

One Simple Way To Deflect Your Child’s Tantrums

Squealing children are a phenomenon no number of parenting books can prepare you for. The advice and ideas disseminated are more than fair, but it’s another thing to feel your own blood boil and try and keep a levelled voice while you child near spits his/her anger at you. I sometimes wonder if my children’s tantrums are past karma, or the glorious initiations into a new chapter of life as a mature adult and parent.

Greats From The Past And Their Secrets!

Do you like secrets? Well then you better read this article about Churchill, Roosevelt and Johnson!

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