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The Real Reasons Why Bouncy Castles Are Still Holding the Top Position in the Market

The speed at which the popularity of bouncy castles is racing forward is quite surprising for people who have not probed into the inside story. Take a look here.

Help Your Kids Love Reading

This article gives parents some great tips on getting their kids to read more often and actually enjoy reading. Regardless of whether you have a elementary school aged child or a teenager, reading at home will help them become more confident at school and in their lives.

Playing in the Traffic

With the warm weather coming, how much freedom should you allow your precious children? The NSPCC website has a whole booklet dedicated to keeping your child safe when they are out alone. However, the closest it gets to providing guidance to parents on the question of when is the right moment to give that freedom, is to provide 2 case studies for a 5 year old and 14 year old. What about the years between?

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