The College Search: A Student Financial Aid Tool

The college search can be an important tool in the search for student financial aid. Many colleges and Universities offer a substantial amount of their own funds to attract students to their campus. Applying to colleges both public and private, instate or out of state can yield a surprising array of financial aid award letter offers.

Dependability – A Good Habit

Do you know what dependability is and why it’s such an important characteristic that you should be developing? Maybe you’ve heard the word all your life but you’re not quite sure what it really means. Dependability is defined as being worthy of being trusted, being reliable or being someone that can be depended upon. A few synonyms of dependability happen to include words like “responsible,” “steadfast” and “trustworthy.”

Amelia Earhart – Champion Child

Amelia Earhart as we all know was the first ever female pilot to fly a plane solo across the Atlantic Ocean. But there are a lot of things that are not quite as known. I started reading into how she was as a child and yes, she was indeed a champ child – a genius.

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