How to Get the Baby Stuff You Want Without Going Broke

We all want the best for our babies. But ‘best’ can cost a lot of money. This article gives you some ideas for getting the best for your baby without spending too much. With a little resourcefulness and some creative ideas, you might even be able to have some fun and socialize – which is great for setting up playgroups for Junior.

Three Tips for Better Father-Daughter Bonding

Not a Barbie-admiring, purse-wearing, Bieber-loving, makeup-styling dad? No worries. Read on to discover why boys and girls play differently and what this means for how you interact with your daughter. Try these three simple strategies for father-daughter bonding and create a positive relationship that your daughter will savor for a lifetime.

Make Cheerleading Hair Bows

Hair bows are beautiful but a very ancient way to embellish the hair. They are used to decorate head bands and even fabrics and costumes of different types. With the passage of time the industry of hair bows has developed and a lot of versatile variations are being introduced.

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