Hot Wheels Cars – Start Your Own Collection

Hot Wheels is a popular brand of die cast toy cars introduced by American Toy maker Mattel in 1968. The popularity of Hot Wheels is a result of the variety of toys that they manufacture. Many automobile companies have licensed the brand to manufacture scale factor models of their own machines. These were originally intended as toys for kids but with time they became a collectible item. So, these toys have much more value to some people than just being a source of entertainment.

Spring Birthday Party Coming Up? Here’s Five Ideas

Planning a birthday party can be easy, stressful, fun, or a multi-person affair. Sometimes planning a birthday party for a springtime birthday boy or girl can be tough. The weather is often unpredictable, kids at different schools may have different spring breaks, and the return of outdoor sports may make it difficult to easily schedule and plan a party that fits all needs, including the budget. Depending on the age of the birthday king or queen, there are other considerations in regards to age appropriateness and more. Below are five ideas to help plan a great celebration for any spring baby.

Fun for Everyone: 5 Tips for Kids Rides

Most parents and non-parents alike know that children have fears. Some childhood fears are outgrown and others linger, and this is for the most part easy and normal to deal with for the parent. What happens though, when one child has a fear of something the other child enjoys or wants to do? For example, one child may have a fear of dogs and the other only wants a puppy as a birthday present. Or one child may love go-karts and roller coasters, but the other has a fear of rides, including kids rides. Ensuring family fun at the amusement center or entertainment park can be tough with opposite wants and desires. Below are five tips to help manage such an outing.

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