How to Get More Involved With Your Kid’s Activities at School

One of the biggest regrets that parents can have is not spending enough time with their kids. This is something that you really need to do while they are young and they still need – and want – you around. Once kids move out and grow up to be independent, they would not really like hanging out with you anymore. So while the kids are still young, you need to take full advantage of the time that you can spend together. How exactly can this feat be accomplished?

Do You Know What the Root of All Your Unhappiness Is?

This is a leadership article that shows how always wanting more makes us unhappy. Moving toward a happy blissful acceptance or appreciation of what we do have is what will ultimately make us happy.

Are You a Parent Dealing With a Mom of a Bully? Here Are Tips to Remember

Bullying is not a problem that kids alone endure. More often than not, parents become affected once they see their kids being bullied. Parents can give advice on how kids can stand up against bullies, but there are times when words are not enough. What if your child did try to stand up against a bully, but the bullying does not cease? This may be the time when you’d need to intervene and talk to the mother of the bully. But how can it be done? Fear of not being able to speak coherently might arise due to your anger. Below are some steps you may try so your voice can be heard.

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