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Caring For Your Kid’s Teeth

Parents are very careful about using products that are absolutely safe for their children. This might pertain to personal care items like soap, kids toothpaste or even the kind of shampoo they use.

Don’t Act Passively!

Do you consider yourself passive and not assertive at key situations? Do you have a difficult time to act the way that you know you want to, yet you don’t have the courage to do so? If you do, believe me, you’re not alone. Many of us have similar difficulties speaking up and acting in ways that reflect who we truly are.

Finding Your True Style

Do you have a style of your own? Can you wear your style as you wear a pair of shoes that really fit? Do you know what your style is? Developing your true style is never easy, especially during your adolescent years. Many of you are either modest or immodest, depending on who you’re surrounded with and your family of origin. To act in a modest manner is to be very reserved in speech, dress, or behavior. In order to respect yourself, it’s important not to be overly modest or immodest.

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