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Cell Phones and Teens – Sleeping With Cell Phones For the Alarm or JUST PLAIN ALARMING!

78-80% of teens have a cell phone and 4 out of 5 sleep with their phones. Not only is this physically dangerous, new research indicates that there is a risk for addiction.

The Best Small Towns For Raising a Family

A short story about the early life of Manuel Benito Compito aka OG Man, his comrades in arms and his life growing up in Gardena, California. The transformation of a small, unknown community into what would eventually be known as LITTLE WATTS.

Baby on Board: How to Choose the Right Car Seat

Whether you plan to buy car seats online or at the store, it is important to check out all the safety features, and identify what model works best given the age group and weight/height of your child. Learn how to evaluate and buy the right travel safety car seats for baby, so that you have peace of mind while traveling.

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