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They Don’t Listen

How do I get my kids to do what I ask them to do, when I ask them to do it, without losing my temper, mind, or sanity? A Montessori Schools teacher with over 32 years of experience shares her advice.

Your Little Angel Deserves Nothing But the Best Babysitting

Every mother of a newborn child establishes a kind of connect and relationship with her child, that makes her silently pledge, that no third person shall ever be permitted to take over the care of her precious jewel. That is the way the Almighty has created mothers, and it is a matter not merely of the umbilical cord but the 9 months of togetherness and oneness that leads to such an unbreakable bond.

Stop, Look And Admire Before It Perishes

Let a child be a child and not act like some fashionable grown up. Let them enjoy the childhood within the lap of nature and not with some electronic gadget that makes them stay indoors and fails to connect with the surroundings.

The Alphabet! A Guide to Me! And a Guide to You!

The alphabet is a guide and order to communication. Anyone who would want to steal an alphabet letter, would be as disruptive as a person could be!

Best Yummy Ways to Celebrate National Cookie Day

Days like National Cookie Day only happen once a year. With so many ways to enjoy it, it’s easy to truly make the most out of National Cookie Day!

A Father’s Realization: The New “Birds & The Bee’s” Talk for Parents in 2016

As a father of a three-year-old, I had a realization after the Orlando terror attack. A realization that parents of this century will have to explain something our parents did not even have to think about.

Why I Write for Children

Ever since I read the famous Sapir Whorf Hypothesis: “the structure of a language determines or greatly influences the modes of thought and behavioral characteristic of the culture in which it is spoken,” I have realized the importance of language learning for young people, and how fundamental it is to child development, and learning as a whole. There are words, and thus, concepts, which cannot be directly translated from one language to another. One can approach the meaning through close paraphrasing, but something is lost in translation.

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