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Tips for Utilizing Space in a Kid’s Bedroom

Is your child’s bedroom extremely small? There are several things you can do to make the best use of the space you have, and make it seem less crowded.

What To Buy for Your Child at a Soccer Store

A trip to a soccer store can help you find items necessary for this sport when your child shows interest in it. In fact, there are many kid-oriented products your child might like.

Emotional Intelligence Before Cognitive Stimulation

Especially since Dr Daniel Goleman’s book “EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE – WHY IT CAN MATTER MORE THAN IQ” hit the bookstores in 1996, not only awareness in the field of emotional intelligence (EI) grew steadily, but a realisation of the importance gained momentum. Each one of us harbour emotions which can either drive us towards success of failure. The world over the importance of early childhood development is still receiving attention.

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