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Don’t Blame the Millennials, They Are Just By-Products of Us Parents

During the late 60’s and into the 80’s when divorce was on the rise, children of this generation, often known as “latch-key kids”, learned how to fend for themselves. As a necessity, these Generation X kids were independent, self-sufficient, and understood the importance of assuming responsibilities. It was a different time then.

At Issue: Student Data Collection and Jeopardized Privacy Rights

With the expansion of student and school data collection and its use, parents and teachers alike are concerned about how that information is stored and shared. That’s because everything from attendance, grades, and standardized test scores to special needs, food preferences, even health and religion can be included.

Biggest Problems With Boarding Schools

Boarding schools offer an interesting alternative from public and private day schools for the education of children and adolescents. In the United States, boarding schools are most often upper schools, though schools do exist that cater to younger learners.

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