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Expectation Talk Boosts College Success

After high school graduation parties are over, anticipation builds for college-bound freshman and their families. The summer before that freshman year includes an orientation trip to the school, compiling lists of what to pack, and, for the students, spending as much time as possible with high school friends. Parents, however, are wondering how their teenager will adjust and adapt, and if the student will be successful in college. And while they wonder, parents should plan a “college expectation” talk with their teen.

Summer Job Ideas So Teens Can Make a Little Spending Cash

When I woke up this morning my girls had a great summer job idea – they wanted to sit outside our home and sell lemonade! You know that refreshing beverage made from lemon juice, sugar & water that is all so good on a hot summer day. This drifted my mind back to the days when I did small odd jobs during the summer to have a little pocket change and learn that money really did not grow on trees! So as I look around my street, there seems to be a lot of summer job opportunities just waiting to be taken by any motivated teen that just asks!

Student Strategy: Goodbye School Year!

The end of the school year is cause for celebration and is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate its successes and its challenges. So, celebrate whether it has been a good or a “not so good” year for your child. They have just made it through 180 days of doing what was required of them whether they wanted to or not.

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