SUMMER HOUSE vs WINTER HOUSE || Amazing Huge Craft Ideas

Minimizing Child Injuries And Preventing Fatal Accidents

Childhood is a special time of adventure for children and parents; a time of exploration and learning. Along with it come risks. However, through education, awareness and preparation, those risks can be kept to a minimum and our children can grow up active and safe.

Young Adults: Missing Opportunities in Life

Examine the realities of life after graduation for many young people who miss favorable opportunities. Learn the mistakes that many teens in high school need to consider.

School Bullying: How to Deal With Bullying As a Youth

If you are being bullied at school, you aren’t exactly alone. In schoolyards, school gyms, Internet chatrooms, Facebook newsfeeds, cafeteria halls, and classrooms all across the United States, people just like you face bullies on a daily basis.

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