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5 Essential Ways for Parents to Help Their Kids Love Math

Math is hard. Math is a waste of time. I hate math. These are only some of the reactions we have when we need to deal with anything that is related to math.

Little Things Do Matter!

This article talks about the power of little things. Just look at a little baby. They are mesmerizing and know how to learn. A little bit at a time really adds up over a lifetime! Getting started today appreciating your little victories.

5 Hilarious Kid Quotes

5 year old kids say the funniest things to their teachers. Their parents would die of embarrassment if they knew!

Dinosaurs and Toys: Why They Make the Best Children’s Presents

Dinosaur toys come in all shapes and sizes. This is one person’s thoughts on why Dino’s make a great toy and a great memory.

Kindergarten Parents Are You Involved In Your Child’s Home Learning? If You Are Not, You Should

If you love to be part of your Kindergartner’s Home Learning, my hats go off to you and please share your best idea to make their home learning fun for moms, that for some reason cannot get the hang of it or think that just because they are in Kindergarten its only about coloring, cutting and pasting and weather they get involved or not in helping them learn, it really does not matter because they think that is what the teacher is for and it saddens me that a lot of parents think this way today. I don’t think they see, why it’s crucial that they start to take part of one of the most important years of their school and growing lives, this is the year of discovery for them in so many levels, it’s the year they learn how to write, read, add, subtract, science and so on and we as parents need to make sure we take part as much as we can, so we can help them be the success of tomorrow.

A Guide to Go Karts for Kids

Driving go karts is one of the most enjoyable hobbies imaginable. If you have kids who you struggle to motivate to get off the couch, buying them a go kart is one of the best ways to accomplish this feat. However, many parents are kind of clueless when it comes to buying a go kart for their children.

Dyslexia, How to Live and Succeed With This Gift

I remember my high school English teacher telling me, “I would never amount to anything!” I went from that experience and mindset to owning my own successful businesses; training others; and creating a foundation which will change the world. This is part of my auto-biography which will hopefully inspire my readers to believe in themselves and know that they are here for a purpose. Part of their life’s work is to find that purpose. What were you meant to be doing on this earth? How can you help change the world? Once you find your life’s passion you will work no more!

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