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Teaching Your Kids New Words Through Solving Crossword Puzzles

Encouraging the love of answering crossword puzzles in your children is one of the ways for you to help in their overall development. You can even add on other types of puzzles and mind games into the equation along with other after-school or summer activities like reading, camping and taking music, arts and dance lessons. In making sure that your kids will not only enjoy but also learn from the activities you line up for them, you need to choose those that will contribute to their growth. The great thing about doing puzzles is you can have them answer these on their own or you can make it into a bonding activity participated in by all members of the family.

How To Support Indigo, Crystalline, And Star Children

It is important for us to listen & support highly sensitive children such as Indigo, Crystalline, & star children. They are here to teach us love and awaken our consciousness.

Teens Being Bullied – How to Handle It

Waking up to the alarm you roll over and look at the clock which says it’s 6:30AM. Being tempted to just turn over and go back to sleep because it would be easier than going to school and facing the bullying you endure each and every day, you get up and get dressed with a knot in your gut the size of Texas.

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