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The Importance Of Nursery Games In Cognitive, Social, Emotional And Physical Development Of Children

Play is an activity that involves being non-serious, yet it is very engaging and keeps the brain of the player active and alert. Therefore, play has gained a lot of importance over the years, not only for children but for adults too. All sorts of play; physical, dramatic, manipulative, fantasy, exploratory etc, have a very important role in the development of a child.

10 Reasons Why Every Child Needs Summer Day Camp

When school lets out for the summer, parents usually start looking for ways for their children to stay active, but also stay safe. A kids’ day camp is a great idea for a child of any age. There are many ways that your child will benefit from some time at a summer day camp, and it will also help solve some issues for you as well.

The Parenting Roller-Coaster

Nothing in the world gives us the highs or the lows that we get from parenting! The exhilaration and expectation as the cart is pulled to the top of the roller-coaster loop, followed by the screaming, adrenalin-filled fall which takes you to the next loop on the roller-coaster may be fun; but it cannot compare with the expectant excitement when you wait and watch as your little baby begins to form in the womb and then the excitement as you walk out of the hospital for the first time as a parent! Suddenly, you are not responsible only for your own actions. As a parent, you are now responsible for a new, developing little being: your baby, your child, your hopes and inspirations all in one tiny little bundle of love.

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