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Teaching Teens and Pre-Teens To Resist Peer Pressure

Most parents realize that to “just say no” to smoking, sex, drugs or violence is a lot easier said than done for our kids. All humans have a strong need to belong and that need is often stronger in kids, especially teens and pre-teens. As teens move from their “home group” of family towards independence, the desire to find other groups to belong to becomes very strong. The best way to help your teen or pre-teen cope with peer pressure is to talk to them about it.

Why Your Teen Girl Feels Everyone Is Watching Her

If you’ve raised or worked with teenagers, you know that they often feel that the world is a stage and they are constantly on it with a packed audience. Why is this? Some insight might just help us adults be a little more patient when it’s needed most.

Build On Strengths With Kids Using the BANK Method

Encouragement is powerful stuff. When we pay attention and acknowledge our kids’ strengths and assets they usually continue to improve in these areas. But when we ignore them these strengths often diminish. The BANK method can help you use the power of encouragement to build your child’s strengths.

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