Should I Take the ACT, the SAT, or Both?

The test requirement of the college is the main factor that determines which test(s) you will need to take. Find out whether the colleges you are considering applying to require a specific test only, prefer one over another, or accept either without preference. That being said, the SAT is more widely accepted, but the ACT is gaining more acceptance as well. If you are applying to many colleges in various areas, or are unsure which you will be applying to, it is best to take both tests. All colleges convert scores between the tests in a uniform manner. You, however, may find that you tend to do better on one test format over another. Make sure to see if you need SAT II subject test scores as well. Visiting college websites is the quickest and most efficient way to find out all of the requirements

Tired of Worrying? 5 Ways to Turn This Around

What do you worry about? If you haven’t worried about anything this past week, then don’t read this article. But I’m guessing you have. Even the most enlightened and spiritual will find themselves in a state of worry. We worry about different things. We worry about our daughters, marriage, job, parents or money. Your daughter worries just as much as you but over different things (even if she acts like she doesn’t care about anything).

M for Mother and in the Name of Father

One of the worst nights of my life was the night that our neighbors decided to demolish their house and re-build. We kept taking turns calling the police and the city council. The trucks kept coming and going while the workers yelled out through the night.

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