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Pool Party Ideas for a Major Blowout!

Get great pool party ideas for your next major party blowout! Discover exactly what to do to pull off the best pool party ever!

Dealing Directly With Put-Downs

Adolescence can be such a difficult time for teens. Kids can be so nasty to each other. They can put each other down and make them feel awful. In this article, I show adolescents how to deal with put-downs from other peers. By using these tips, teens will be able to fend for themselves and not worry about being abused and put-down all the time.

Clearly Communicate

It is very difficult for teens to clearly communicate. This can be because they experience so much anxiety as teens. Their peers are impatient with them as are their parents. In this article, I offer teens some tips on how to communicate effectively by speaking clearly, avoiding confusing messages, always knowing what they want before asking for it, and maintaining eye contact.

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