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Top Tips for Helping Your Child Learn to Read

Helping your child learn to read can often be a daunting prospect. Reading is one skill that will open the gateway to untold knowledge, to magnificent minds, exciting theories, practical explanations, imaginative journeys and to so much more. What can you do to help your child learn to read? Below are a few tried and tested suggestions that with good humour and perseverance can provide access to a world of knowledge and opportunity contained within the written word.

Cozy Plush Animals for Kids: The Evolution of the Hot Water Bottle

Cozy plush animals are a range of heat-able whimsical animal toys which have revolutionized heat products for kids. This article describes how the traditional hot water bottle has evolved to include more modern microwave products including the cozy plush range which is enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

VOTE 4 ME! 7 Tips on Running for a Class or Club Office

So you decided to run for an office… Congratulations on choosing to take that step! So you’ve decided to step outside your comfort zone and run for a position on your student council, club, or organization. Getting involved in student activities is a good way to get more out of your school experience.

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