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Fairness and Respect: Disciplining Children

How to discipline your children is a very tricky pursuit. There will always be a thin line between right and wrong when it comes to that. But the thing is, if you treat your kids with respect and if you treat them like they’re people who can discern what’s right and what’s wrong, I think you’re on the right path.

Parenting With Unconditional Love

All parents deeply love their children except for odd cases. However, when children or adolescents in particular are asked if they believe that their parents love them, you may hear shocking and unexpected answers, as a significantly large percentage of them are doubtful and unsure. The percentage of those who are certain of their parent’s love may be equal to those who are certain that their parents do not love them, or even hate them.

How to Treat Hyperactivity in Children

Hyperactive children might not display traces of development at school like the rest of their peers and the teachers should understand that they need special attention. Making the child sit in the very first row of the class can help him remain attentive and even teachers can easily keep a track of his progress. A parent should try to cultivate good relations with the teachers, so that they can understand the condition of your child and give them the required amount of attention. When the child is at home, then you can guide them about their behavior, but when they are at school then they need to remain attentive and try not to distract other students. Planning can help you to deal with a hyperactive child and lack of the same can make you feel at sea.

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