Empty Nest Adjustments – Heartache or Opportunity?

Many parents will be sending their last or only child to college this summer. The adjustment after many years of children at home is dramatic.

A Sudden Awakening:A Cautionary Tale For Today’s Youth!

I had made it to what I perceived was true success. I went from being a small-time girl from the suburbs of Jamaica Queens, New York to being a well-sought out, respected business woman. I lived in a prestigious gated community in Northern, New Jersey. I had a high-end collection of luxury cars and enough diamond jewelry and fur coats to fill up a store. In my mind I was set for life. Unfortunately, my success was shortly lived.

Local Factors: Top 3 Child-Friendliest Places in Fort Lauderdale To Take Your Kids

Most of the times, kids become the biggest consideration when buying a house – whether it is new or an existing home placed on listings and advertisements. In the last article, the top public schools in the city of Parkland in Florida were discussed. In this entry, another local factor influential in decision-making towards a home purchase will be explained.

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