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Young Girl, Why Are You in Pain?

Born and wonderfully fearfully made, you don’t need to try and keep up with the trendy girls. Why do you put yourself in so much pain?

Cleaners and Doing Stuff

This is for my son and many teens out there who might be lost or don’t have someone to show them the way to a better and more healthy mind. This is something I learned along the way in life that is in my best interest to share with the kids.

Driving Instructor I’m Not!

My recently turned 18 year old son passed his driving test on his first attempt back in July this year, 2015. Let me tell you the responsibilities for me in the year leading up to this event were not my favourite. Now as the mother and sole parent, I know I have many roles to play and many responsibilities to fulfill, I’m up for the challenges, that’s why I chose to become a mum!

Winning Is Like Science!

We have all taken at some point in our lives a science class in school, right? And we have all heard the scientific rule that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion, correct? Well, believe it or not, winning also follows these scientific principles!

3 Steps to Building Resilience in Teens to Overcome Bullying

Parents often hope that their children will learn and build strength or character from setbacks in life, but it may not be as simple if they have low self-esteem. Along with recognizing the symptoms of bullying that slip under the radar, there are steps parents can take in helping their pre-teens and teens to develop confidence and the resilience to overcome bullying.

Reality Check On Bullying: How Teens Are Taking Their Own Stand

Zero tolerance for bullying has become a national topic of discussion among parent groups and schools in the wake of many teens feeling helpless with being relentless harassed at school and online at home. A recent incident of bullying is testing the reality of what intervention is needed in a split second.

Piano Lessons Benefit Kids’ Mental Capacity and Emotional Health

When your mother told you to practice your piano lessons because it was good for you, she perhaps didn’t realize just how true that is. New research shows that learning to play the piano or another musical instrument profoundly affects the brain and provides a variety of emotional and cognitive development advantages, compared to those children who don’t learn to play.

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