10 Things to Keep in Mind During the SAT

You’ve done all your daily drills, benchmarked and measured yourself, and studied with targeted foci and goals. All of that groundwork now culminates to one single performance. The best of disciplined athletes and performers maintain good habits and strategies during performance as well as during practice sessions to ensure they do not succumb to jitters or unforeseen disruptions on performance day and end up with a result that is worse than they have performed regularly throughout their training period. Here are some tips to mitigate the risk of being shaken up by unexpected factors on your performance day.

Inflatable Models That Wowed the World

Bounce houses have taken a truly different look with some of the most creative designing artists of the world. Take a look here.

Parenting Tips To Get To Know Your Kids

Ever notice how an effective salesperson will get to know you a little bit before trying to sell you something? Salespeople know that you are more likely to buy from people you know and like. Parenting is similar, except that instead of selling merchandise, parents sell goals, attitudes, and behavior.

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