PARENTING LIFE IS FUN! Priceless Hacks For Smart Parents

The Right Way to Discipline Your Kids

One of the biggest challenges faced by parents today is how to discipline their kids so that they develop a sense of responsibility. Children who are not disciplined often create chaos with their unjustified demands. Their demands when met, lead them to adopt a pattern of more trouble and quirkiness.

Graduation Slideshow Ideas

Summer is here, and that means warm sun, beaches and graduation time for all seniors across the country. One of the best ways to remind students of their time in school is to present a graduation slideshow highlighting key moments during the years. Instead of just showing off some images, you can combine with music and transition effects that the whole class is sure to enjoy.

Lies, Riddles, and Jokes – It’s All the Same to Children

Kids enjoy jokes and riddles. But when exactly do they understand jokes and riddles?

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