Ouch! First Aid Hacks for Emergencies #shorts

For the Sake of the Kids, NOT!

This article is about the damage caused by parents/caregivers fighting, arguing, yelling when their kids are home. It talks about the possible long term effects and behaviour problems it can cause and how kids have a way of blaming themselves.

How to Think About Your Daughter’s Mistakes

Your daughter is going to make mistakes. How do I know this? Teens are hard-wired to make mistakes. In other words because of where teens are developmentally they will make mistakes. How you think about your daughter’s mistakes matters significantly. Whether you are able to see her missteps as a normal part of her development determines how you respond to her. You accept that she is going to have slip-ups, which is not the same thing as condoning or ignoring them.

Learn From Those Who Have Gone Before You!

None of us can do it alone, even if we really want to. We all need help to truly optimize our fullest potential as human beings and the miracles that we truly are. Let’s stand on the shoulders of GIANTS!

Five Reasons Kids Should Attend Summer Camp

Summer camp is an amazing experience with lasting social and emotional benefits. Here are a few reasons why all children should try going to camp.

Teaching Children About Gratitude

In this article, parents will learn about the value of instilling an “attitude of gratitude” in their children. Expressions of gratitude benefit children in a variety of ways, and strategies will be shared to help parents to strengthen this important trait in their children.

What Does Your Child EXPECT?

Did you know that high self-esteem has been found to be the number one ingredient for experiencing success in all areas of your life? Success (however you choose to define it) all comes down to how you feel about yourself. Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it?

Rainy Day Physical Science Projects

Children are natural-born scientists. They love to explore and experiment. You can encourage that love by trying one or both of these simple science projects that you and your child can do at home.

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