Important Points to Consider When Looking at Preschools

Choosing the right preschool for your baby or toddler is extremely important. As a responsible parent you must ensure that the preschool you enroll your child in is going to be the best preschool that will not only make sure that your child is safe and cared for, but that it will also cater to all your child’s emotional, social and intellectual needs. Here are some important points to consider when choosing a preschool.

Keeping Children Fit

Children are at a higher risk than ever from becoming obese. Parents need to work on keeping their children fit otherwise they could end up with regular hospital appointments.

Parents to Colorado and Washington: “You’re Not Helping!”

One of the most popular arguments for marijuana legalization is that it’s no worse than – and perhaps safer than – alcohol, which is already legal. As parents of teenagers, we should take little comfort in that argument. There are two drugs that cause most of the world’s mental health problems, physical injuries, criminal behaviors and deaths. Those drugs are tobacco and alcohol. They’re both legal. So the old fart in me has to ask, why do we need a third? But more to the point we should be asking, why do our kids need a third?

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