Parents at the Beach – Parenting Styles

As parents we often feel a responsibility to guide our children, which is appropriate. It’s important however to recognize that sometimes what we’re responsible for is providing opportunities for our children to find their own way of engaging with the world.

Don’t Panic on A Level Results Day

If you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for on A level results day, it’s not the end of the world. Every year students are disappointed when they don’t get the results they were planning for, but there are always other options open to you, even if you need certain grades to get into your choice of university. If you have a conditional offer from a university that you have your heart set on and you haven’t quite achieved the grades asked for, it doesn’t mean all is lost.

SAT Sections In-Depth – Writing, Critical Reading, and Math

Simply reading a lot will greatly help you identifying errors by listening for errors. However, you may be are short on time, a non-native speaker, or not as linguistically inclined. Language can be more “fuzzy” and less precise – unlike math – than you might be comfortable with. Approaching this section by studying distilled grammatical principles, rather than lots of random reading will likely be much more effective. Identifying the more commonly tested concepts and getting used to the curve ball questions through repeated exposure and practice are examples of such the method. Knowing things specific to the SAT are effective ways to improve your score with little time and effort. For example, the sentence improvement section considers unnecessarily long wording to be errors and uses semicolons to split sentences.

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