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Pencils, A Common Item Important To Everyone

Pencils. Everyone across the globe has heard of them, and everyone has used them on numerous occasions. Maybe they remind you of your school days, or bring to mind grueling days at the office. Whatever the case may be, pencils are a familiar item that the world has long been in love with. The extensive history of the pencil dates all the way back to the civilizations of ancient Rome. Scribes during that time period used a thin metal rod, or stylus, to leave a light readable mark upon papyrus. There were other styluses during this time as well that were made out of lead. Although the modern pencils of today only have cores of graphite, lead is still the commonly used term for this reason. Pencils stuck through the ages as a favored writing utensil.

Ready, Set, Summer! Keeping Your Kids Busy on an Affordable Budget

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Affordable Crayons, Beneficial For Every Child

Crayons… they are something that everybody has loved at one time or another. I can still remember the excitement of opening up a new box for the first time and seeing all of the colors lined up in a perfect row. Every tip was new and unbroken, making coloring that much more exciting. Careful consideration was used on which crayon to color with first. Was it going to be basic blue or red, or maybe one of the more exotic Crayola colors like purple mountain’s majesty or macaroni and cheese? No matter what color a child may use, it has been shown that coloring with crayons, whether in a coloring book or just on a piece of paper, can really be important in the life of a child.

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