Must-Have Bathroom Gadgets For Both Moms & Kids

My Kids – Take 1! Ashutosh

This article is about my student who initially hated learning, but is now showing interest. As the days pass, we both are together working hard- to achieve ‘our’ goal- making him an independent learner.

Why You Should Have a Princess Birthday Party Performer or Character at Your Child’s Birthday Party

Why have a Character or Princess at your child’s birthday party? Is it really necessary? Is it expensive? In this article, I will lay out why you might consider hiring a princess performer to entertain at your child’s birthday party and what you should look for when hiring.

Work On The Skills of Observation and People-Watching!

This article encourages one to be more like a thief and a police officer. Thieves intently study their environments and know when is the most opportunistic time to act, while please study body language and can tell when something is off. Get better at observation and people-watching and you are sure to have stronger leadership skills and more success in your life!

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