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Solutions For Inappropriate Behavior In Autism Teens In Puberty

How to approach the problem of sexuality with teens on the autism spectrum no matter what their processing ability, sensory level, or IQ. Correcting the behavior and frustration that puberty brings to your child/teen on the autism spectrum.

How to Get Children Limit the TV Time

What do your kids do in their leisure time? Settle on the couch and switch on the TV. Right? TV has become an integral part of our existence. But try switching off the TV for a day and see the huge amount of time you have on your hands. “But what would the kids do then?” Here are some options for spending a TV free day.

Kids Camps for Experiential Education

The camp experience doesn’t just provide kids with something to do while on vacation from school; it can leave them with meaningful skills, new friends, and exposure to potential new interests. Moreover, there are various types of camp experiences that can be found to suit your child’s particular needs.

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