School Uniforms: Should We Allow Children to Wear Designer Clothes Instead?

My article is about whether a child should wear Designer Clothes to school instead of being forced into a uniform. Most children these days would much prefer to be able to express themselves by wearing their own clothes, however there are also some consequences that should be looked at! In my article I go over both Pros and Cons for Uniforms in Schools.

Risks of Unprotected Sex for Teenagers

Even small signs like a genital wart can foretell the possibility of a serious sex-related ailment that can occur in the future. Hence, it is important to check your body to diagnose or treat, as the need may be.

Turning “I Can’t” Into “I Can!”

If approached in a manner that removes doubt, young people can accomplish things they never thought they could handle. Of course, the encourgement and assurance of a caring adult makes a difference, also.

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