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College Students: Seven Steps to a Successful Summer at Home

As college wraps up for the year, your student may be facing the biggest move yet – back home. Things have changed drastically since you dropped your college freshman off at campus. With a year of independence under their belt, moving home for the summer can be a bigger adjustment than that first year of school. Both student and parent can ease that transition by following these steps.

Special Theme Ideas for Your Child’s Party

When your child wants to have a party, it is always a great idea to set a theme so that you can include all of their interests and make it truly special for them. Get creative with face paints, food and decorations and you will have fun too! So many young girls would love to have a princess themed birthday party, and they don’t take a lot of organization. All you need to do is make or buy some princess themed invitations, tell guests to come dressed as their favorite princess, and make sure you have plenty of “princess” food and drink ready. Hire a bouncy castle to continue the “royal” theme and get plenty of Disney tracks on your playlist to make the day even more special.

Easy Ways To Get Kids To Eat Right

Kids should have a healthy diet since they need certain vitamins and minerals to help them grow. With the right kind of diet, they can further develop their bodies, sharpen their minds and be more physically energetic and active.

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