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The Downside of Helicopter Parenting

Helicopter parenting is nothing new. Indeed, the term was first coined by Haim Ginott in 1969. It took the current crop of parents, though, to take it mainstream and make its way into the dictionary. That’s not to say, however, that all the hovering, rescuing, excusing, and doing for our children is a noble pursuit.

Forgive and Forget!

This teen and tween leadership article is all about not giving away our power by allowing others to make us mad and hold on to a grudge. Any ordinary person can hold on to a grudge. Holding on to grudges usually goes bad for us as you’ll see in this article. It takes a special person to forgive and forget. Those few people who can forgive and forget are usually the ones that are the best leaders!

When Your First-Born Is Jealous of Baby (or Baby-To-Come)

Although jealousy between siblings is not uncommon, if you’re the parent of a jealous older child you may feel clueless as to how to best manage the situation. You’ll probably receive your fair share of unsolicited advice from people who feel they know best, but keep in mind that each family is different and each child is unique in how they may deal with jealousy over a new baby brother or sister.

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