IS IT HARD TO BE A MOM? 🤯Genius Pregnancy Hacks For New Parents

How to Create a Home Office in Your Bedroom

You spend a lot of time studying in your room, so why not have a space carved out for it? Follow these steps to create your own home office right in your bedroom.

The Value of Grandparents In Our Life

By getting to know our grandparents, we learn many valuable things about ourselves, our life, and the world around us. Talk to your grandparents. Ask them questions. They aren’t just grandparents. They are unique people with fascinating experiences.

How Much Suffering Is The Job Worth?

George had been appointed Patron Saint and Minister for the Environment and had succeeded in pacifying all the monsters in England. Now he was being asked to help other countries achieve the same result but this inevitably involved a sea voyage. Suffering from severe seasickness, George was in such distress on a voyage to France that he was ready to give up his job and salary of three shillings and six pence a week.

Live Now and Learn Always!

Are you living your fullest life now? Are you a life-long learner? Don’t become that 90-year old rocking on their porch with a life full of regrets over the things that you didn’t do…

Speech Training Versus Speech Therapy

As a practicing speech-language pathologist in private practice, I get numerous calls from parents asking me if I can provide their child with elocution lessons for enunciation of words. This is when I have to give the parents a spill about speech training versus speech therapy and why it is important to distinguish the two services.

Getting The Best For Your Preschooler

Preschool is generally early childhood education usually offered to children between the ages of 3 and 4 although the age allowance can differ from school to school. Some preschools have the children for a few hours on specific days on a part time basis while others offer full time classes for the children. At such a young age, the children get introduced to letters, shapes and numbers and they also have that chance to socialize, share and contribute to their play circles.

There Is Nothing Greater Than Working With Kids!

While in high school and still trying to figure out what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, teaching kids wasn’t high on my list. Fortunately, life has a funny way of giving you what you need. Now all these years later, I teach kids and feel very lucky that I do!

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