Bullying – Is It a Societal Menace?

Bullying has been around for as long as man has ever existed. As bullies continue to have their way, it is our children who are suffering. If you thought that Bullying was only in schools, think again because even in the workplace, it has reared its ugly head.

Tips to Create a Fun Outdoor Play Area for Kids

You need not have the biggest backyard in the neighbourhood to create the best outdoor play area for your kids and their friends. Children aren’t fascinated by fancy things. A child only needs something simple and fun such as a sandbox or a rope swing to be happy.

When Our Children Strike Back

Parental expectations of their children are necessary in the raising and development of functional and appropriately empowered young people. Excessive expectations, however, can reach critical mass and cause children and teens to push back at the parent. Their passive but extremely effective ways of striking back can cause parents (and teachers) to order their headache remedies by the case. Fortunately, there are two ways to address these issues.

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