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Connecting Back to My Spiritual Self – An Internal Tempest

Connecting back to my spiritual self – an internal tempest. After my boys school life, it was very hard for me to adjust in a co-ed higher secondary school. Though I was very bright and intelligent in studies, I was also very much emotionally sensitive. I had a strong sense of respect for my teachers in high school and I considered myself fortunate for having them to guide me throughout my high school life.

Differences Between Kids of Homosexual Couples and Heterosexual Couples

Ideally, there should not be any differences in the parenting techniques followed by heterosexual couples or homosexual couples. However, the science follows different norms. Studies conducted have shown that those kids who have parents of the same sex have a better upbringing than the kids of the heterosexual couples.

Get Ready for Youth Camp – Prepare to Make New Friends

One of the most important things that you can do to get ready for youth camp is to prepare to make new friends. This article gives suggestions that will help you to start conversations, learn about others, and stay connected.

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