Is Television Sapping Away Your Child’s Creativity?

Television is so awful, and kids have been watching so much of it. It is not surprising that the increase in the screen time is ‘sapping away a child’s creativity’. It is a fact that kids today play much less than those of the older times. So as parents we should put in place certain rules and be selective of what kids are viewing on television. So here’s what you can do –

Why Are There So Many Different Levels of Popularity in Junior High School?

Being popular for teenagers is very important to many of them. In this article you will find out why this is so.

Recommending Birthday E-Cards for Kids

Kids look forward to their birthdays to celebrate the day with friends and family. On the date of their birthday, they look forward to having lots of fun and excitement while eagerly waiting for wonderful gifts and birthday cards from their loved ones. Birthday cards for kids feature attractive messages and pictures of love and affection.

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