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Fit Kids: How to Encourage a Healthy and Active Lifestyle for Your Child

With the current statistics out there regarding the obesity epidemic with children, it’s no wonder parents today are worried about getting their children active. Here are some great way to help get your child up and moving.

Alternatives to Traditional Allowances

Trying to teach your kids the value of a dollar? Sometimes an allowance just seems like handing out money for “nothing.” Try these alternative methods and see what works for your family!

Preventing Injuries in Young Athletes

There are an estimated 60 million children ages 6-18 that participate in some form of organized athletics, with 44 million participating in more than one sport. In a society where many children are addicted to technology such as cell phones, video games, TVs, etc., it is great to hear that athletics are still a way of life for millions of kids. Not only do sports teach physical skills, they also teach skills such as teamwork, leadership, and strategic thinking.

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