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Friends From the Past!

Believe it or not, they aren’t just a bunch of old dead people. People from our past, or friends from our past, that fill our modern day libraries can teach us plenty if we let them. Let’s do ourselves a favor and get in the library and let them.

Is Vaccination A Good Idea?

Every parent in the world wants to do the best for their children; their prime focus is to keep their children safe from any kind of harm. But it’s sad that many parents are not aware of the fact that the best way of protecting their kids is by getting them vaccinated.

Self Esteem and Bullying

Bullying has become such a big issue over the last few years, but it has been a psychologically damaging issue that has been around for many, many decades. Your parents were probably bullied or knew someone who was. Their parents were bullied or knew someone who was, and their parents were bullied or knew someone who was.

Let’s Give Our Kids a Chance in Life – Keep Them Away From Using Alcohol and Drugs!

I remember one time I had to see literally “stars” when one punched me on my jaw while I was trying to stop them hitting each other in front of my class. I was a newbie teacher then, and never expected such a thing could happen to me. From then on, I avoided being a “sandwiched” between two fighting kids. I did not want to see the “moon, sun and planets” anymore… or worse, the “dark hole”!

The Jade Stone

Maylin felt she had to prove herself being the only girl in her class. She stayed in the courtyard relentlessly practicing until her Sifu forced her to stop and go to sleep.

Reasons to Get Involved in Your Child’s School PTO

A PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) is most often an independent group that creates fundraising activities to benefit the students. Usually consisting of parents and teachers who volunteer to form a board with appointed positions. They work together to better the school, the community, and the collective academic goal for its students.

Fun and Educational Books for a Kindergarten Classroom Both Students and Teachers Will Love

Kindergarten should be an enjoyable year of school for both the students and the teacher. Books that young children enjoy listening to and teachers enjoy reading should be a large part of the classroom curriculum. So where does education fit in the equation? Can your classroom include a library that has books that are both entertaining and educational? The answer to that question is something every great teacher needs to know.

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