The Anti-Feminist Message Girls’ Toys Send – Part 1

Children learn through play. It is their language. The concepts engraved in children’s minds early on are the ones that remain.This is why it is crucial that we watch out how they play and what they play with.

Water Safety and Rescues for Children Who Can’t Swim

A child or teen that can’t swim but has been properly taught what to do in a water emergency can still save his or her friend’s life even from dry land. Learn to save a drowning victim even if you can’t swim from land, dock, poolside, near a lake. If you can’t swim avoid going in the water. Work with sticks, floatation device, branches, clothing etc.

We Already Have Enough!

Unfortunately, society has brainwashed us into believing that getting more stuff is the way to go. More stuff doesn’t make our lives better. Being happy makes our lives better!

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