GLUE GUN vs 3D PEN! What’s Better? #shorts

Preparing for a Baby Christening As God Parents

Preparing for a baby christening as god parents is one of the most important aspect of raising a Christian child. It is believed to be the means of strengthening the faith, and a great way for the family to get together and celebrate the occasion. A tea reception normally follows after the service. As godparents or guests, christening gifts are normally given as a keepsake of the occasion that will be treasured for years to come. These gifts do not have to be expensive to be appreciated. It will just have to be well-thought of, with a personal card to express one’s heartfelt message of welcoming the little boy’s entry into the Christian world. The gift would serve as a token of the occasion that the parents would keep in their memory box, and savor it once again at some future time.

How to Get a Picky Eater to Eat Anything

Most of us have been there at some point – “Eugh! I’m NOT eating THAT!” Fussy eaters can leave you feeling very frustrated and at a complete loss at times, however there are some tips and tricks that can help to make mealtimes happier and less stressful for all concerned.

The Types of Bullying and How to Deal With It!

Bullying affects children and teens every day. This article will explain the types of bullying and how to deal with it.

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