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10 Things All Children Should Learn in Kindergarten

The kindergarten year is packed with activities and lessons that children absorb in order to be successful throughout their entire school career. Today’s kindergartners are expected to begin the year ready and willing to learn. By the end of the year, here are 10 areas teachers are hoping new first graders have a handle on.

Strategies for Motivating Teenagers

There are different phases of growth in a person’s life and teenagers being human beings, are no exceptions to the rule. Throughout the period of physical development of the body, teenagers are irritable and unruly and parents find them hard to manage. Instead of being worried, parents should get winning strategies for motivating teenagers.

Characteristics of Gifted Children

Is your child gifted? Parents can spend a significant amount of time, energy, and money on learning aids and educational tools for gifted and talented children. All children are unique and deserve the best possible education, but how can you tell if your child is truly gifted?

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