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Are You Bullied By A Teacher?

Teacher bullies are no different from any other type of similar problem. The damage to a child bullied by a teacher causes can last for years in a child’s psyche, shaping how that young person develops and behaves with other adults in the future. While confronting a bully teacher can put him or her on notice, it may not necessarily change the behavior. Parents then often have to make a tough choice on how hard to fight the matter or whether to just protect their child from further harm. Most go with the latter. As a result, the problem can fester in a school for a long time.

It’s Through the Struggle That We Become Strong!

This article shares how we all struggle in life. And it’s okay to struggle in life. As a matter of fact, this article even encourages us to all look at the struggle as a good thing. Because it is a good thing. The struggle of life makes us stronger and better!

When Your Parents Divorce and It’s Time for Dad to Leave Home

Here’s an article covering some of the concerns you may have, with a few suggestions to help for when the time comes for your parents to divorce and for when your Dad decides to leave. A stressful, distressing time, but there is often help at hand.

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